Où est Quarrel?

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Where is Quarrel indeed.

If you’re living in Europe you may well be one of the people who have been asking themselves (and us) this very question over recent weeks. If not, let us bring you up to speed: Quarrel is currently unavailable to download for iOS if you live in Europe. If you’ve already purchased it you’re fine, but if you’re trying to introduce a friend to it they’re not going to be able to find it on the App Store.

When we contacted Quarrel’s publisher (Indiagames) to find out what was going on they said “We unpublished Quarrel on April 1st from UK and EU stores. The UK and EU regulators have passed new regulations for the kids and adults in the mobile gaming world. One of the key requirements is to add an age filter at the start of the games. The regulation states what is appropriate for above/under 16 year olds. Hence we need to comply with these new regulations. We are compiling a list of our games that we would like to carry on in the UK. Currently we have unpublished all our games.”


That was six weeks ago and we haven’t heard any more since. It sounds like a five-minute fix to us, but as Quarrel’s creators rather than owners we’re completely dependent on Indiagames (now owned by Disney) to decide when (or even if) to do this.

As far as we know there are currently no plans to make Quarrel available again on European App Stores. But then we didn’t know about any plan to make Quarrel unavailable on European App Stores in the first place, so who knows – certainly not us unfortunately.

If you’re in another territory such as the US you’re fine, Quarrel’s still available there. For the moment. As far as we know. Maybe best grab it while you can though, eh? You know – just… in case.