What has the iPhone Really Changed?

My latest article at Gamasutra is now available, entitled “What has the iPhone Really Changed?”: The phrase I heard used more than any other at GDC this year was “the iPhone has changed everything”; with the emphasis on everything. Every session, article and discussion seemed inexorably drawn towards the same, simplistic conclusion – the iPhone […]

Denki In Seattle – The ‘Casual’ Connect Conference

Last week, following my trip to Brighton, I represented Denki at the conference I know only as “Connect“. I hadn’t attended for a couple of years, so the first thing I noticed was that there were far more attendees, but at the same time there were lots of familiar faces. Anyway, I was primarily there […]

Applied Creativity

One of Ewan McIntosh‘s Twitter posts sparked inner fury in me yesterday when he linked to a TED talk (a TED talk, no less!) claiming somehow it would be wrong to try and define creativity. Creativity was unknowable and magical it claimed confidently, without even a sense of disappointment or shame. Almost as though it […]

Develop 2009 – Denki Does Brighton

This week, Brian and myself have been ensconced by the seaside in Brighton for the Develop 2009 conference. We spent three days inside a hotel, learning from others, talking about Quarrel, catching up with old friends and making new friends. Neither of us had attended the conference before (somewhat surprising given we’ve worked in the […]

Consider Us Flattered!

Was it not Oscar Wilde who once said “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” No? Charles Caleb Colton, you say? I stand corrected. Someone known only as ‘Anonymous Denkian’ sent me a link to a SEGA blog post from yesterday, which has the headline: “Are You SEGA Enough?” Hmm. This phrasing is similar enough […]

Wanted: Part-time Quarrel Test Interns

As you may know, we’re looking for people to come in and play Quarrel for a couple of hours (and if you didn’t know that, see here). But! We’re also looking for test interns. This is a different role, as you’ll be making sure that Quarrel is rock-solid – you won’t necessarily be testing it […]

Plussing It

In the recent Quarrel progress report, I used the term ‘plussing it’. It may not be familiar to you, though I’m sure you got the gist of it. This is a term that we’ve… purloined from Walt Disney. To ‘plus’ something means to push it that little bit more, no matter how well you think […]

Do you want to play Quarrel?

That’s right – we’re looking for people of all sorts to act as Preview Players for Quarrel. What does that mean? It means that we’re looking for around 5 people in each of July, August, September and October (all in 2009) to come in to Denki Towers in Dundee (see map below) to play a […]

Quarrel Progress

Today is milestone day at Denki. The individual project teams present what they’ve been working on to the rest of the company in advance of demonstrating the game to the project investors next week. I should point out that I’m writing this update from the point of view of someone who isn’t involved with the […]

Games Now Sesame Approved

News reaches us (via The Cut Scene) that the Joan Ganz Clooney Center at Sesame Workshop think that games can be positive for kids. Obviously, we’ve always thought this to be the case (at least in some games — other games are just about killing zombies). According to the report, active gaming (as found now […]