Games Now Sesame Approved

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News reaches us (via The Cut Scene) that the Joan Ganz Clooney Center at Sesame Workshop think that games can be positive for kids. Obviously, we’ve always thought this to be the case (at least in some games — other games are just about killing zombies).

Bert & Ernie's Word Play

According to the report, active gaming (as found now on the Wii and sometime in the future on other consoles) is good since it encourages kids to move around. Also, games can be good for learning content, such as science, history and vocabulary. Vocabulary, eh? Hmm…

You can read the full report here (PDF file).


7 hoopy comments

Badger says:

Sure games are good for kids!
…The thing is, there’s no substitute for good parenting, which is what most of society forgets.

I’ll take a look at the pdf at lunch, me is curious ;)

David says:

Exactly right, Badger. Games are often just a convenient scapegoat.


Marky says:

Today’s letter is A! For ASBO!

GEvan.. says:

Well, you already have nice games for kids. But they should be played with the parents.

You learn better if your having fun, so I think it’s a great way to develop kids minds nowadays.

I’ll take a look a the PDF later also. :)

Brian Baglow says:

Plus, when the zombie apocalypse happens, it’ll be the kids who are gamers who’ll survive…

Marky says:

@Brian: If the 10 year old Left 4 Dead players are anything to go by…no they won’t!

Badger says:

Damn! That PDF is a full book! I’ll have to read it in psp tonight, on my own couch… Sipping ice tea, machine gun and lightsaber ready; whilest waiting for the zombies to break in.

I say that we ol’ school gamers are the ones that survive… We was trained in the necessary skills since the amiga/spectrum times!

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