Juggle! in the Making (Part Four)

SETTLING OLD SCORES Scoring’s a funny thing – red hat funny. It’s easy to measure: you play and check your score and trust your gut. If the score feels wrong – too small or even too big in relation to what you did – then the score is wrong. Your score is a convenient summary […]

The Making of Juggle! (Part Three)

KICK IN THE I(PHONE) SO, YES, THE PROTOTYPE in Multimedia Fusion 2 was very handy for testing out and refining all sorts of ideas. But when the time came to convert all that work to the iPhone, it turned out there were two tricky things to do with the seemingly simple Juggle! Retain as much […]

Juggle! on App Store: £0.59 / $0.99 / €0.79

Another good end to the week – Juggle!, Denki’s new arcade game, launches on the App Store today, exactly one month after launching our first game, Denki Blocks! If you haven’t heard about the game yet, Juggle! is Denki’s heartfelt tribute to the classic arcade games we grew up with. It’s a trip back in time […]

Gittin’ Jugglier Widdit (Part Two)

THROWING IT TOGETHER JUGGLE! STARTED LIFE as Juggly, a very basic Multimedia Fusion 2 prototype. I wanted to make a game right there and then using the fewest toys – familiar toys in a familiar context but with a twist. I had the likes of Breakout, Pong, Practice and the Higinbotham tennis in mind at […]

Getting Juggly With It (Part One)

MAKING HISTORY LET ME TAKE YOU BACK to a time before we were blessed by the existence of mobile phones, MP3 players, home computers, the Internet and more than three TV channels operating for longer than a few hours a day in the UK. A time not that long ago when handheld calculators were introduced, […]

A Good End To The Week

I’ll be honest – I’ve had worse days.  In fact, recently I’ve had many worse days.  But today wasn’t one of them, for a few reasons. First, Denki Blocks! has made its way to the front page of Apple’s App Store (in the UK at least) and is now included in the “New and Noteworthy” […]

Denki Support (Part Two)

At Denki we like to do things differently and as a consequence we would like to let you know of bugs which actually exist in our games and how to go about finding them yourselves. What is a bug? A bug is something in a computer program which does not function as was originally intended. […]