We Have A Release Date For Quarrel!

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There’s a buzz of excitement at Denki Towers as we prepare for a big date. The long-long-long-long-long-long-loooooooong promised funky news is finally here:

Quarrel makes its public debut on 25th of August!

That’s when it will actually, honest-to-goodness, honestly, REALLY be available to buy in the Apple App Store.*

So by this Thursday you could be playing Quarrel! The years of anticipation don’t make it any easier to wait for a few more measly days, but stay patient and good things will come.

And because good things come in pairs, so does Quarrel! So when you tap or click away into the AppStore, please don’t get confused when you see Quarrel and Quarrel Deluxe – they are merely two sides of the same coin.

Quarrel caters to those who are new to our lovely word game or otherwise want to try it before buying it. If the trial pleases you and your budding interest turns into a real love for it, you can upgrade to the full Quarrel extravaganza within the app with one easy In-App Purchase.

Quarrel Deluxe, on the other hand is suited to those who already know that this is the one true soulmate for their iOS device. These app twins have absolutely the same content, plus both are universal and support iPad native graphics.

So, ready your iOS devices for Thursday and get ready to Quarrel! :D


* FACT, fact fans!

4 effervescent comments

Alex says:

The Precious is coming, yesssssss

Daz says:

Will we be seeing quarrel on any other platforms? (Like xbox)

Eevi says:


Definitely! We’re currently working on the Xbox version ( well, as soon as we get over the excitement of Quarrel being released!).

Won’t promise any release dates, as on consoles such things are way beyond our control, but it is coming!

Berbank says:

It is mine, mine, all mine!!!
I am extraploygleeastic with this splendiferous wordomusical appytoy :)

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