Save the Day: We Have Liftoff!

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Good news, the kind that you’ve all been waiting for. Drum rolls please…We are delighted to announce that Save the Day is now LIVE!!!

Did you play the early test versions? Well we listened to your feedback and crafted a shiny, sexy save ‘em up so go check it out!

Not played Save the Day before? We think Eurogamer best summed it up when they called it a “delightful twitch arcade game“.

If you are looking for:

  • Familiar but fresh twitch arcade gaming
  • High octane helicopter heroics
  • Scrumptious, snack-sized gameplay
  • Infinite replayability
  • Hearty, high score jinks

Then this is for you!


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2 charming comments

Andrew Graham says:

Hi, I absolutely love everything about this game, but I’ve been wondering how you are planning on monetizing it?

gjf says:

there goes the rest of thursday… thank you, no really. this has gary penn written all over it! me like.

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