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Denki Games Archive

Since opening our doors in March 2000 we’ve delivered more than 150 games for some of the world’s largest media companies – from Namco and Taito, through to DreamWorks and Universal Pictures – you can find a full list of the brands we’ve worked with here. In the process we’ve earned an unparalleled reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative concepts on time and on budget.

We’ve also worked on the widest possible range of devices – from early smart phones, through to the latest generation of videogame consoles and many places in-between.

Even when it’s our first time working on a brand new device we never fail to deliver a fun result in a timely manner. The Denki Difference sees to it!

But don’t just take our word for it – feel free to browse through our back-catalogue of published games and see what we’ve delivered for yourself.

Just pick a year to get started:

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