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Last updated Saturday the 22nd of October 2011.

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How to Play

Start of a Match

Why do my territories have different amounts of troops on them?

To create fair and interesting matches! Everyone starts with the same number of troops similarly distributed, and everyone has weaker and stronger territories to create the necessary drama and fun. This creates opportunities for strategic play, so Quarrel is not just about knowing the dictionary by heart (though it certainly helps).

Hey, I used to go first, and now I’m second/third/last to play!

That’s the way the game goes – you can’t always go first! Our randomising algorithm doesn’t take sides, but if it starts to feel like it’s against you, select ‘Play’ then ‘Make Match’. Here you can customise your match and set your preferred order of play with the ‘Fixed Order/Random Order’ button.

Note that in Domination mode, you always play last.

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Making a word in a quarrel

Making Words

What kind of words can I submit?

You might be surprised by what is a word… Let’s start with words that are NOT valid in Quarrel:

  • words that need an apostrophe (I’m)
  • words that need a hyphen (X-ray)
  • initials (TV)
  • words that only start with capital letters (Gary)

Plurals are okay – even if they are made by simply adding an ‘s’ to the end of a word (a very good way to win quarrels, by the way). Quarrel also accepts a smattering of slang terms as well as archaic, regional or dialect words. KY, Scottish word for cow, is one of our favourites.

How do I submit a word?

Tap the letters cards in your thought bubble to hand them to your waiting troops. When you’re happy with your word, press the ‘OK’ button on the right-hand side of the screen. Note that the ‘OK’ button is totally impartial when it comes to the validity of your words, so you can submit invalid words as well.

How do I change the word I made?

Tap the letters held by your troops to remove them one by one or tap the ‘X’ button on the top of the screen to clear the whole word away just like that.

Can I rearrange the letters at all?

You can! Tap the ‘Shuffle’ button (to the right of the Pause button) to randomly reorder your thoughts. This applies only to the letter cards in your thought bubble, not those held by your troops.

Can I see my word score before submitting the word?

Nope. It’s all part of the drama. You can still see the value of each letter in the bottom right-hand corner of each card, so we can’t stop you from doing the mental arithmetic yourself.

What happens in the case of a tie?

That’s when quarrelling gets really interesting! If you and your opponent submit words with equal value, then the faster player wins.

An example of a lockout

What happens if I submit an invalid word?

Punishment! Well, it’s not so bad… Just enough to keep you on your toes. Two things happen:

  1. You’re subjected to a brief lockout.
  2. The invalid word counts as a strike against you.

If you get three strikes in a single quarrel, you automatically concede. The lockout is dangerous when playing on the clock, so do be careful!

Can I just keep guessing words?

Not really. If you submit three invalid words in the same quarrel, you automatically concede that quarrel. So guessing twice is okay, but thrice’s not so nice.

I’m fighting two against eight! Can’t I just throw in the towel?

If you end up in a quarrel with only two troops, you’ll get the option to concede a quarrel. This is done by pressing the ‘Concede’ button in the top left-hand corner (it’s the red one with a skull and crossbones on it). After this you’ll always have the option to concede, no matter how many troops you have.

Remember that each word is worth treasure – even if you lose the quarrel! Submitting even the tiniest words is profitable and goes towards getting you backup troops that might help you in your future quarrels. That said, judicious use of the ‘Concede’ button can tactically deny your opponent their own treasure…

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An example where both players have backup troops

Backup Troops

What are backup troops?

Backup troops are handy reserves you can call upon to aid you in a quarrel! You can see how many backup troops you have below your avatar. You can only call in one at a time, but think ahead and you might find that bringing in backup sooner rather than later is actually more beneficial…

Also, the backup troops don’t vanish into thin air after the quarrel is over, no sir! They join the squad they’re called to and keep fighting like a good trooper should!

How do I get backup troops?

There are two ways to get these courageous commandos:

  1. Fill your mighty war chest (the ring around your avatar) with treasure. Once the war chest is full, it’s automatically cashed in for one backup troop.
  2. Solve the anagram either in a quarrel or in Bonus Time. This rewards you with enough treasure to earn a backup troop immediately!

When can I call backup troops?

If you have a backup troop, you get a chance to call them in at the start of the quarrel. See the pulsing circle with the picture of your troop? Tap on that to have them join the fray, but decide quickly as the button vanishes just before the quarrel starts!

However, you can’t call backup troops if you already have full eight troops in the squad in question.

What’s the difference between backup troops and reinforcements?

Control is the key here. Reinforcements are automatically triggered at the end of your turn, but backup troops can be used more tactically. You choose when to call them in – maybe when you’re attacking a strong enemy or when defending your own territory against a much larger attack force.

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An example of how prisoners look in the game


What are prisoners?/Why do I have weird-looking troops?

Prisoners are enemy troops that are now fighting on your side. If you look closely at them, you’ll see that they’ve changed uniforms to indicate their new loyalty. That’s why you can get a pirate with a ninja’s head or valkyrie with a caveman’s noggin!

How do I get prisoners?

Easy – beat bigger squads! If you are outnumbered when quarrelling and you win, you take prisoners. It doesn’t matter whether you are attacking or defending. How many you get depends on how many more troops the loser had.

Do I get something special for taking a lot of prisoners?

Well, you get a lot of extra troops! And if it’s your first time, you also get the ‘Giant Killer’ achievement.

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Treasure chests


What is treasure?/How do I get treasure?

Treasure is the spoils of war. You get treasure for every word you make, whether that’s winning or losing in a quarrel or in Bonus Time. The more the word scores, the more the word’s worth.

You can also get extra treasure for solving anagrams (whether in a quarrel or in Bonus Time) and capturing territories.

What’s the ring around my avatar’s head?/How do I know how much treasure I have?

That unassuming circle is in reality your war chest, where all your treasure’s stored. The bar inside tells you how full it is.

Where can I use the treasure?

Not in any shop. Once the war chest is filled, it’s automatically cashed in for a backup troop.

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An example of a three-territory trailblaze


What is trailblazing?/Why are some of my troops sparkling?

Your troops have been victorious in battle! If you keep winning quarrels with that sparkly squad, you’re trailblazing and receive bonus treasure as well as potential bonus troops.

What do those torches mean?

The torches indicate the bonus troops you get from successful trailblazing. You get the troops only if you end your turn with the trailblazing squad remaining victorious. Note that you also get reinforcements on top of the bonus troops at the end of the turn.

Is there an upper limit to how long I can trailblaze?

The sky’s the limit – or more like the land, actually. The only limit on trailblazing is the number of territories on the island.

I was trailblazing, but suddenly all those torches disappeared!

Most likely because your trailblazing squad lost a quarrel (the “TRAILBLAZING EXTINGUISHED” message – or words to that effect – should’ve given you the biggest clue there). If you lose with that squad, all the bonus troops disappear. You need to finish your turn with your victorious squad intact in order to receive the bonus troops.

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An example of a transfer in progress


Can I move my troops around without attacking?

Sure – but only between neighbouring territories. This is called transferring troops. It’s a vital tactic for keeping all your conquered territories from falling into the enemy’s hands.

How do I transfer the troops?

Just tap one of your own territories and then tap a neighbouring friendly territory. Tap the territory you want the troops moved to (so if you accidentally move too many, just tap them back). Remember that you have to leave at least one troop in each territory.

How can I confirm or cancel the transfer?/How do I get out of transfer mode?

To confirm the transfer, tap the green tick button next to your avatar. If you want to cancel the transfer, tap the red cross button instead.

Why can’t I attack with my troops?/Why are my troops sleeping?

Good question! There’s three possible reasons for that:

  1. It’s not your turn! Your troops will power nap until it is your turn again.
  2. You have only one troop left in that territory. Solo troops can’t attack because there’d be no one left to hold the fort!
  3. You have used that territory in a transfer. If you transfer troops, both territories involved are no longer allowed to attack. Note that both territories can still receive or give away troops, but they can’t be used to initiate the transfer.

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An example of Bonus Time

Bonus Time

What is Bonus Time?

Bonus Time is a chance to earn more treasure while other players are busy quarrelling amongst themselves. Unlike in a quarrel, you always have all eight letters to play with, which gives you the chance to earn a bonus by making the anagram.

BUT you have a time limit, imposed by the slowest of the two players quarrelling. You need to make the word before the quarrel ends.

Why isn’t there a timer?/How do I know how much time I have left?

There isn’t a timer, because the time you have depends on the quarrellers. You’ll get a warning when the first quarreller has submitted their word, so you’ll know you (probably) haven’t got much time left after that.

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An example of a timed quarrel

Timed Quarrels

Why do some of the quarrels use a timer?

The timer is present in the more challenging modes (Domination and Daily Challenge) and optional in Make Match. Quick Match is the only mode completely free of time constraints.

How long do I get to submit a word?

The saying about fat ladies and singing doesn’t apply to timed quarrels, unfortunately. You only have until the timer at the top of the screen runs out. It starts beeping as you get close the deadline, so if you hear it, that’s your cue to submit something!

What happens if I don’t submit a word in time?

Time waits for no quarreller. If you haven’t submitted anything when the timer hits zero, then whatever you have assembled is submitted, whether it’s a word or not. If it’s not a valid word, you get nil points!

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Biff ending his turn


When does my turn end?

Your turn ends when you can no longer attack or transfer troops. You can choose to end your turn earlier by pressing the button with a square symbol on it next to your avatar.

What are reinforcements?

Reinforcements are extra troops you get at the end of your turn. You get one for each of your territories, so you will always have at least two troopers defending a territory.

Is there a limit to how many troops I can have?/ Why didn’t I get reinforcements for my territory?

Each territory can only hold eight troops, so if the territory was already maxed out at the end of the turn, you don’t get reinforcements for that territory. You can use transfer to move your troops around to maximise your reinforcements.

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Play Menu

Game Modes

What’s the difference between Quarrel and Quarrel Deluxe?

There’s no big difference as both have the same content. The only thing separating them is the mode of purchase. Quarrel allows you to try out the game before spending your hard-earned money on it. If you do want to do so, it’s easy to upgrade to the Full Quarrel Experience with a single In-App Purchase. Quarrel Deluxe, on the other hand, is for those who know this is the game for them and want to dive straight in.

Quarrel is a “try before you buy” game, so if you like it and want to see more, you need to get the Full Quarrel Experience! Just click on the big red button that says ‘Full Quarrel’ to unleash all 12 islands, nine unique opponents, four game modes and get access to the leaderboards and achievements!

How does Quick Match work?

Quick Match throws you straight into a carefully considered match. No fuss, all fun!

How does Make Match work?

In Make Match you can customise your dream match starting from the island and opponents down to the order of play and whether the timer is used.

How does Domination work?

This mode allows you to try to rule the world, conquering each of the four continents and all 12 islands by beating the existing occupants. You can go through the Domination islands in any order you like!

The Domination islands and continents are:

Paradise Lost Islands with Orca Reef selected

Paradise Lost
Orca Reef is occupied by Caprice.
Starfish Bay is subject to Dwayne and Caprice’s rule.
Calamari Cove is controlled by Dwayne, Caprice and Malik.

Jungle Empire Islands with Lily Haven selected

Jungle Empire
Eagle Temple is engaged by Malik.
Lily Haven is locked by Biff and Malik.
Serpent Shrine is subjugated by Biff, Malik and Rex.

Forest Realm Islands with Imperial Palace selected

Forest Realm
Fort Avalon is governed by Troy.
Imperial Palace is ruled by Caprice and Troy.
Camelot Castle is captive to Caprice, Troy and Helena.

Volcanic Kingdom Islands with Sunburst Chamber selected

Volcanic Kingdom
Dragon Den is possessed by Damien.
Crystal Cavern is commanded by Dwayne and Damien.
Sunburst Chamber is dominated by Dwayne, Damien and Kali.

How does Daily Challenge work?

Daily Challenge does what it says on the tin – a new Quarrel challenge every day! What makes the Daily Challenge unique is that all the players will have a few troops more or less than usual. Everyone around the world gets the exact same situation, so can you beat it faster than your friends and earn the most treasure to feed the Leaderboard? You can even issue a challenge via a Facebook post!

Can I get rid of the timer in Domination/Daily Challenge?

Now where would be the challenge in that? And we know that some of you (we won’t name names) would be reaching for your dictionaries and anagram solvers if it weren’t for the time limit.

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Example of an achievement

Leaderboards and Achievements

How do I access the Leaderboards and/or Achievements?

You can check the Leaderboards and Achievements by selecting ‘You!’ from the main menu. You can also view your Achievements during game by pausing the game and selecting ‘Achievements’ from the pause menu.

How are the Domination Leaderboards arranged?

You are ranked on the Domination Leaderboards according to the treasure you accumulated in a particular Domination continent (Paradise Lost, Jungle Empire, Forest Realm or Volcanic Kingdom). This score accumulates with replays as well, so if you play Domination again, the treasure is added to your total.

Note that only finished matches, lost or won, count towards this total.

How do I get on the Match Word IQ leaderboards?

You have to finish a match with a Word IQ of 170 or above. The leaderboards track how many matches you have finished with a Word IQ higher than 170, 190 or with a perfect 200. So getting a perfect Word IQ bumps you up on all three leaderboards.

What is Word IQ?

Word IQ is a representation of your skill level in Quarrel and is averaged with every match that you finish. A player with a Word IQ of 150 is competent, 170 is deadly and 190 upwards is genius.

At the end of a match, you can see your word IQ for that particular match. The word IQ shown on the main menu and in the Records is your rolling average.

What does it take to get a perfect Word IQ of 200?

To get 200 or perfect Word IQ you must make the best possible (highest-scoring) word in every quarrel. You don’t need to worry about words made in Bonus Time because those – surprise – are a bonus.

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Meet the Players

“Know your enemy,” says striking strategist Sun Tzu in his top combat romp The Art of War. We agree. Get stuck into this before you get stuck into them.

Dwayne Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Dwayne Spoon
The Doofus
ONIONS (6 Points)
SWEET Dwayne Spoon never paid much attention to reading and writing at school. He’s quite slow to find and make words, his vocabulary is small and he foolishly favours word length over value. But don’t get too cocky; he can still surprise you with simple, high-scoring words.
&#160&#160Dwayne lacks insight and foresight so his strategic skills are almost non-existent. He simply doesn’t appreciate the benefits of considered attacks, transferring troops and when best to call backup (or to call it a day).
&#160&#160Despite his failings, Dwayne can make for an entertaining (and surprising) opponent.
&#160&#160But is he really Caprice’s brother?

Caprice Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Caprice Wilde
The Crazy
Very Fast
ZIP (16 Points)
FIRECRACKER Caprice Wilde plays fast, erratic and aggressive, which can make for intense exchanges and matches. She’s the fastest Quarreller around and has a fair vocabulary, but doesn’t always use it in her haste to make words as quickly as possible.
&#160&#160Her fiery nature means she likes to get stuck in and lacks the insight and patience to be a competent strategist. She also hates losing and her temper clouds her judgement.
&#160&#160Caprice is Kali’s estranged daughter. Her refusal to take wordplay as seriously as her strict mother led to their falling out and she ran away to live with her hippy father, whose surname she prefers to wield.

Biff Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Aloysius “Biff” Hardiman
The Bully
BIFF (16 Points)
CANNY Aloysius “Biff” Hardiman honed his craft of expressive name-calling at school and was widely feared. Yes, he’s a thug at heart, but he’s also a cautious player with decent word power. He wields his small vocabulary well, so watch out.
&#160&#160He thinks ahead, considers most outcomes and prefers to attack when he’s confident of winning – which usually means picking on weaker players. He also has enough nous to know when best to reinforce, transfer and call in backup.
&#160&#160However, clever tactics can turn his preference to prey on the weak against him… IF you take the necessary risks.

Troy Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Troy Goodwin
The Good
JOY (21 Points)
VIRTUOUS Troy Goodwin is an able all-rounder who plays to win but plays fair. He balances word power, speed, insight and foresight to good effect.
&#160&#160Strategically he prefers a fair fight in terms of overall skill not necessarily troop numbers. Troy’s noble nature means he’s unimpressed by the way people like Biff conduct themselves in Quarrel and he’s been known to come to the aid of persecuted players, which can act against him.
&#160&#160Despite Troy’s attempts to make peace with his brother Damien, the two are not on real
speaking terms and only ever converse through quarrels.

Damien Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Damien Fox
The Bad
KILLJOY (32 Points)
DEVILISH, smooth-talking Damien Fox, is fast, sharp and ruthless. Years of verbal sparring in legal battles shaped his class Quarrel skills. His impressive vocabulary and ‘word sense’ are backed up by nimble fingers.
&#160&#160He’s quick-witted but patient; a cunning schemer whose strategic play is clinical and effective. Be warned: he sets traps to tempt you to attack and weaken yourself for him.
&#160&#160Damien is contemptuous of weakness, especially his brother Troy’s honourable ways. Rumour has it that Damien and Kali used to be an item way back, which tends to show when they meet on the Quarrel battlefields.

Malik Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Malik Bane
The Ugly
Very Good
QUARTZ (34 Points)
MALICIOUS Malik Bane is a confident player, which isn’t surprising given his capable blend of word and strategy skills, sharpened and wielded like a samurai sword through years of hardened negotiations.
&#160&#160He has an impressive vocabulary (although anagrams are a weakness) and knows how to use it. His foresight isn’t as exceptional as his memory, which feeds his wily planning. He’s adept with the strategic use of troops through reinforcement, transfer and backup.
&#160&#160Malik’s biggest failings are that he’s easily riled and he bears grudges, both of which can lead to recklessness to be used to your advantage – if you can figure out how.

Rex Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Rex Smart
The Bookworm
SYZYGY (32 Points)
THINKER Rex Smart loves weird words and strange strategies. But his erudite ways don’t guarantee he’s always the best.
&#160&#160He’s a fine anagramist but likes to take his time making words, mainly to find what he feels is the most apt for the occasion.
&#160&#160Don’t be intimidated by his vocabulary. But do watch out for his seemingly dumb actions that in fact turn out to be moves of veiled strategic genius. Other times his fetish for the freakish can prove his downfall.
&#160&#160You can learn a lot from Rex: not just the meanings of words but their value, boosting your armoury with the likes of ZUZ and QI.
&#160&#160(BTW, he has a secret crush on Helena…)

Helena Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Helena Starr
The Brain
WHIZZER (37 Points)
POLYMATH Helena Starr has a lust for knowledge. She’d learned every word in the English dictionary at two years of age.
&#160&#160She’s studious, efficient and dangerous across the board, but not invincible. She doesn’t always see the best word and her pensive nature means she’s quite slow.
&#160&#160Her vast tactical repertoire is ruled by a cool head, making her the best strategic player. She prefers to split her enemies’ territories and cut the scope for transfer.
&#160&#160Sometimes her actions seem strange but that’s because she’s thinking way ahead about reinforcements, backup troops and how her opponents are playing.

Kali Name
Average Word IQ
Word Power
Favourite Word
Kali Deville
The Killer
The Best
FRAZZLED (38 Points)
COLD Kali Deville’s been playing with words for all of her life. She has no idea what most of them mean but she knows how to use them. She’s fast, ferocious and EVIL!
&#160&#160Her raw word power may feel unbeatable but it’s undermined by her impatience to win. She’s an awesome anagramist who can rack up the backup, so ignore her at your peril.
&#160&#160She boldly attacks when outnumbered and typically wins. But she’s strategically short-sighted and that’s weakened by her arrogance Shrewd traps can encourage over-confidence.
&#160&#160Kali despises weakness, which influences who she attacks (and why she disowned her daughter Caprice).

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Quarrel word reveal with KAYO vs BARKY


That CAN’T be a word!/Why isn’t THIS word accepted?

No, really, it IS a word – just one you haven’t run into yet. Remember that Quarrel accepts a variety of slang, archaic, regional and dialect words, so the word that confuses you might be from another part of the world or from a different time!

And they’re all definitely words as we get them from CollinsCollins Official SCRABBLE Dictionary (2nd Edition 2007 © HarperCollins Publishers 2005, 2007), to be exact. If you’d like to know more about the dictionary and how words are selected for it, see the Collins FAQ provided by the lovely word wizards themselves!

Your rubbish dictionary doesn’t know Zen!

That’s because Zen is a proper noun and proper nouns are not allowed in Quarrel. Some proper nouns have multiple meanings and so are allowed, eg: ‘John’ (uppercase ‘J’) is a name but ‘john’ (lowercase ‘j’) is a toilet; ‘Hoover’ (uppercase ‘H’) is a brand of vacuum cleaner while ‘hoover’ (lowercase ‘h’) is to vacuum-clean something.

Caprice made a word that offends me!

Sorry about that. We’ve done our best to scrub the AI players’ vocabulary clean of anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see, but if you do happen to find AI players submitting words that are offensive to you, report them to us using this form.

Where do you get the letter values?/Why are the letter values different from Scrabble?

This is Quarrel, not Scrabble – and it’s a different ball word game altogether. We’ve chosen the letter values based on their occurrence in spoken English instead of written one, because you’re more likely to remember words you use in your everyday communication. So mind your J’s and Q’s!

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"Helena Crushed You!"

Tips and Tactics

I can’t come up with a word!

Try shuffling the letters; a new viewpoint often helps. You can also try looking for patterns, such as suffixes like “-ing”, to try and deduce what the anagram is.

I made a longer word than my opponent, so why did I lose?

The point isn’t to make a longer word, but one that scores highest. That’s why STICKY will lose to JOY (17 points vs 21 points). Using the higher value letters in your words will help you win quarrels, sometimes even when the odds might seem to be against you.

Is there a way to tell when my opponent has submitted their word?

Yes, you can tell it from the opposing troops. They will hold up their letter cards once your opponent has made their word. However, you can’t tell their word length from that as they will all hold up their letter cards no matter what.

Do I get a bonus from solving the anagram?

Yes, you definitely do! You earn enough treasure to automatically get a backup troop, even if you are in Bonus Time or happen to lose the quarrel.

I know the anagram, but I don’t have enough letters!

We feel your pain. Knowing the anagram often helps with coming up with a shorter word, but unfortunately the game can’t read your mind. Though you can always claim a moral victory.

Unfair! He’s attacking with six troops against my two! How can I win this?

Well, you have a tiny chance of winning, especially if you get a particularly juicy anagram with some high-value letters. Also, your opponent can fumble, no matter how good they are. The point is never to give up. You might lose a few quarrels, but you can very often come back from a seemingly impossible situation to win the whole war. Our very own Gary Penn has a good example of this in his blog.

If you wish to avoid these underdog situations, you can try transferring troops to bolster your defenses or trailblazing to earn bonus troops.

Why do I still have one troop even though I lost the quarrel?

If you attack a territory and fail, you still keep one troop to show that you still own the territory. Only if you lose a quarrel while defending do you lose the whole squad and your territory.

I keep getting a lot of territories with only one or two troops on them!

Overly aggressive strategy can leave you with a string of these small territories, so choose your fights wisely! Sometimes it is better to end the turn and wait for reinforcements before launching an attack.

When you do launch an attack, remember that if you win you’ll have to leave one troop behind on your newly-conquered territories. Keep winning with the same squad to earn bonus troops, which will help keep your rear secured. See the section on trailblazing for more tips on this.

Hey – no fair! Whoever plays first has a huge advantage!

We know it can feel like that, particularly when you’re first introduced to Quarrel, but rest assured that after measuring the results of literally tens of thousands of test games we’ve shown it’s not actually the case. It’s just like many other classic boardgames in that regard, Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Risk, etc: It changes the way you have to play (a more attacking strategy for first-to-play, a more defensive strategy for last-to-play), but it doesn’t actually make the game any easier to win. Bottom line? The strongest player will normally win regardless; even if they play last.

Still don’t believe it? Try using the Make Match mode to create a four player game where you go first against Rex, Helena and Kali and let us know if it still feels like you have a huge advantage!

I’m getting crushed because I’m the last to play!

The order of play does affect what kind of strategy you adopt. Remember that if you manage to defend your territory, the attacking squad will be reduced to one. Once your turn comes, you can just sweep up your former aggressors off the board.

Note that in Domination you will always play last. If playing first is important to you, try the Make Match mode, which allows you to customize the order of play exactly the way you want it.

Hey! The opponents are making up words!

No they aren’t. Everyone’s bound by the Collins Official SCRABBLE Dictionary and no one cheats. Rex is the ONLY player who knows weird words but he doesn’t use them as often as you might think and they don’t always score as highly as more common words anyway (in fact, Rex’s fancy words are usually anagrams of normal words, eg: SPAG = GAPS).

The Normal players (Dwayne, Caprice and Biff) have pretty small and basic vocabularies but they can still make some high-scoring words (BY is worth 10 points, BUY is worth 13 points and BURY is worth 15 points, for example). Rex aside, everyone else a good vocabulary BUT, just like real people, they don’t always see the words.

Help me boost my word armoury!

You might find this spreadsheet useful.

It’s all the two- and three-letters words you can make in Quarrel (124 two-letter words and 1,292 three-letter words, stat pervs). You owe it to yourself to know the best of these as they can help you earn prisoners, slay giants and even turn a whole match around. Why, the mere knowledge of their meaning (definitions not included here BTW) may even enrich your life and make you see the world in a whole new light.

The words are spread over two sheets in tall columns and sorted by score. You can always re-sort the spreadsheet for alternative views.

  • SHIFT-click column headings A and B to select them both.
  • Select Data > Sort Range from the options up top.
  • Click the Data has header row box.
  • Click + Add another sort option to add a second sort option.
  • Change the sort by and then by order to what you want, remembering to ensure that A > Z or Z > A are consistent.

Anything else I should know?


  • Know your enemy. Play the characters. Study their profiles. Remember that Dwayne, Rex and Helena are slow, which gives you more time to think of words.
  • Don’t try to find the best longest word without having a backup word in mind. Always find two words, especially when playing against the clock. That means if you’re struggling to find the best possible word, you can at least quickly make something rather than nothing.
  • Many players find it tricky to make the most of six and especially seven troops. With eight troops you can at least aim for the anagram; with six or seven it seems harder to use them all to make a word, which can be a terrible waste.
  • Don’t forget to always try an ‘S’ on the end of your word if you can, just in case it makes a plural for an extra point.
  • Do attack the larger forces before the smaller ones. For example, if you have a 6 next to a 5 and a 4, attacking the 4 first means you end up with 5 on 5, whereas attacking the 5 first means you end up with 5 on 4, which is better odds. Attacking larger numbers first also tends to mean that as your troops move forwards, they leave behind fewer troops against smaller numbers.
  • Do accept the loss of quarrels as part of winning wars. Remember: you get treasure for every word made and that means Backup Troops. You can even go so far as to sacrifice territories to tempt opponents into attacking and leaving themselves open.

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A ninja and a caveman high-fiving each other

Social stuff, Feedback and Updates

When can I post to Twitter or Facebook?

You can tweet the results of each quarrel or the definitions of the words made in it immediately after the quarrel is over (but before the next one starts). Facebook posting is reserved for achievements and finished matches.

Hey, I want to log in with another Facebook/Twitter account!

I’m afraid it’s “one device, one Facebook/Twitter account” at the moment. If you own several iOS devices (we’ve heard such stories), you can install Quarrel on them as well and use different Facebook/Twitter login details.

I want multiplayer NOW!

And we want to bring it to you as soon as possible, but we’re only a small game company and there’s only so much we can do. Multiplayer is at the top of our list of wanted features as well, so when we do have time and money for an update, we will strive to deliver you that.

Will there be more game modes/opponents/troops/avatars in the future?

We definitely want to expand and improve your Quarrel experience, if there is demand for it.

Got an idea for new army? Want to see a new game mode? Send your feature suggestions to us via our this form.

Plus, if you want to be the first to hear about future updates, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Will Quarrel come to other platforms?

We hope so. Follow us on Twitter to hear the latest Quarrel news first!

I love your game, but I would like to play it in my own language. Will you localize the game to [insert language here]?

It’s a muy bueno idea that we would like to see happen one day! For now that decision doesn’t lie with us, but send us your requests so that we can see if and where there is demand for a localisation.

Who made the cool music, man?

Glad you liked it! The audio for the game was produced by Ged Grimes (you might also know him as the bassist of Simple Minds) and Jack’s Hoose Music. The band behind the sweet tunes is called Pepe Loco.

Where can I suggest a word/give you feedback/complain?

Got feedback and feature suggestions? We’ll be glad to accept them here.

If you were offended by a word made by one of the AI players, report the word here.

For support-related queries, see the ‘Technical’ section below.

If you find that there’s a question missing from this FAQ, please let us know about it here.

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What iOS devices will play Quarrel?

Quarrel is currently compatible with:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 3rd Generation
  • iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • iPad
  • iPad 2

Quarrel is not compatible with:

  • iPhone 3G or older
  • iPod Touch 2nd Generation or older

The game requires iOS 4.0 or later in order to run. Game Center features require iOS 4.1. for iPhone or iPod Touch, 4.2. for iPad. You can update your iOS for free by connecting your iOS device to a computer with iTunes installed, or by visiting your local Apple Store.

The App crashes on my device!

Argh! We work very hard to ensure everything we release is stable across all devices and versions of the iOS, so we are very frustrated and genuinely sorry when we hear of these troubles. Firstly, we’d recommend working through the official troubleshooting guides.

I still have a problem with Quarrel. What should I do?

Did this FAQ offer any solutions? No? Then please send an email to Technical Support.

For the fastest and best answers, please provide as much information about your problem as possible: phone/device model and/or version, phone/device operating system version, game’s version number, a detailed problem description and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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