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December, 2012

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Quarrel Developer Releases “Quarrel Inspired” Denki Word Quest


Scottish Indie developer Denki today announced the launch of Denki Word Quest, which it describes as a blend between its own multi-award winning word-game, Quarrel, and a lite-RPG. The game is available to try for free on the web via Turbulenz's HTML5 portal at http://turbulenz.com/DenkiWordQuest/ with full access only £3/€4/$5. Denki Word Quest is set in the highly-literate land of Wordor, where the player takes the role of a hero out to defeat the evil that recently destroyed their village. To do this they wield the mighty “Word Sword” with slots that accept potent letter-runes which increase the damage dealt to evil foes, such as the ferocious kittens, obstreperous spiders and other foul creatures that roam the land. “The idea of using words as the basis for a role-playing game was something we’d wanted to do for ages”, says Denki Creative Director Gary Penn. “Many Quarrel players we spoke with said that as much as they enjoyed Quarrel they often found the strategic element too challenging when they just wanted something easy to pass the time, so we’ve tried to make Denki Word Quest a much less challenging game to play than Quarrel by limiting the anagrams to six letters rather than eight.” The time commitment has been shortened too so it can easily be enjoyed in any spare moments. “We’ve made sure the adventure itself isn’t too long”, continues Gary. “No individual quest lasts longer than about 5 minutes, and the whole adventure shouldn’t take most people more than a couple of hours or so. However, we’ve randomised the map so it’s possible to restart the game and enjoy a different experience with each play-through. Overall it’s a fun little adventure that should appeal to anyone that likes word games or RPG’s but doesn’t want anything too involved or challenging. Hopefully the simplicity of it is something players will find appealing.



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    Denki Word Quest has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Wonderfully warm-hearted and witty"
        - Christian Donlan, Eurogamer
      • "ranks among the most innovative in RPGs out there"
        - Steve Anderson, HTML5 Report
      • "Denki Word Quest is better than Call of Duty"
        - Leonardo Bobby Almeida, Giber Games

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      Denki is an award-winning, artisan video game maker. We make games for gamers who don't have time to play games anymore.

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