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Denki's Secret Page of Secrets

Oh, thou art clever! You’ve found our secret page! What does that mean? Well, in this instance, it means you can make a request of us.

A collection of Denki stickers.

Hands up if you’d like a Denki laptop sticker? You would? Splendid. All you have to do is send a postcard from where you live to us here at Denki Towers. In return, we’ll send a sticker back to the first 500 postcard senders (assuming you’ve told us your address, that is).

Here’s the address:

Free Stickers For Me
Denki Ltd.
9 West Bell Street

Let’s see those postcards!

We solemnly promise not to use your details for anything other than sending you a sticker. And no way will we reveal your details to anyone else, either. So rest assured.

Do you think we’ll ever change this page, and maybe its location? Who can say…

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