Quarrel Question Time

Hey, you! Got a burning question about Quarrel that you want Mr Gary Penn to answer? Well now’s your chance. Next week we’ll be recording our first ever Quarrel & Answers session, we’re poised and ready to answer but first we need your questions. Pop your question in the comments section or tweet it to […]

3 Pocket Gamer Award Nominations for Quarrel

Hot on the heels of winning the “Best Game” category at the BAFTA Scotland awards, Quarrel has been honoured with three nominations in this year’s Pocket Gamer awards.  The categories it’s up for are “Best Casual/Puzzle Game”, “Most Innovative Game” and “iPhone/iPod touch Game of the Year” We’re particularly pleased to be sharing the nominations alongside some […]

Quarrel vs The Games Industry: Who’s Right?

Today is kind of a big deal for Denki as it’s the day Quarrel finally launches on Xbox! If you’d rather stop reading at this point and go grab it from Xbox LIVE for only 400MSP I won’t be the least bit offended.  No, really, go right ahead! 🙂 Still with me?  Well, in that case […]

Denki’s “Games Of The Year” Awards 2011

Last time I remember looking up from my desk it was August and we were just launching Quarrel on iOS.  Next thing I know I’m being asked to choose my “Game Of The Year” for 2011 because it’s almost 2012.  What a blur!  Anyway, that means it’s time to shut up our toy workshop for […]

Creativity And Science Sitting In A Tree…

As long time readers of Denki’s website may recall, I wrote a blog for Gamasutra back in 2009 about the importance of predictable and measurable results in any creative process. In it I said we had to stop worshiping the creative process and start studying it, and that one of Denki’s aims had always been […]

“Denki are my development idols.”

PocketGamer.biz published an interview yesterday with the Scottish-BAFTA-award-winning–games-media-legend Gary Penn (as we’ve been instructed to address him from now on) and the Scottish-BAFTA-award-winning Jamie Firth, Production Manager at UTVIgnition (as we’ve been instructed to refer to him too). It’s an interesting insight in to the behind the scenes shenanigans that led up to the initial […]

BAFTA “Best Game” Gong Makes It Safely Back To Denki Towers

We’re pleased to report that despite some hard partying on Sunday evening/Monday morning after Denki’s Scottish BAFTA success, Messers Penn and Taylor ensured the metalwork made it safely back to Denki Towers – true professionals that they are. So here it is shortly before making its way to pride-of-place on Denki’s trophy shelves: However, much […]

Quarrel scoops “Best Game” award at Scottish BAFTAs!

So, it turns out that we haven’t been deluding ourselves all this time – Quarrel really is a bit special after all.  And, importantly, we now have independent validation of that in the form of the “Best Game” award from last night’s Scottish BAFTAs held in Glasgow. That’s a relief. We’ll have more on this […]

Quarrel Nominated For BAFTA Award

Judges at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have selected Quarrel as one of three nominations for “Best Game” at this year’s British Academy Scotland Awards. These awards recognise excellence in film, television and video games in Scotland. While various members of Denki have been part of teams that have won recognition from […]

Denki Begins Recruiting Again

UPDATE: POSITIONS FILLED DENKI BEGIN ASSEMBLING TEAM TO CREATE NEXT GAME. It’s been a busy few months here at Denki Towers; a busy few months hot on the heels of a very busy (not to mention rather turbulent) few years.  So with Quarrel’s iOS launch now safely behind us I’m very happy to announce today […]