How Dare You (Not) Make Games?

The second most common question game students have is:“What’s the best way to get into the industry?” (right after “Going to the pub after this?”). My super-knowledgeable and super-experienced answer to that has been: make games. Now I have a slightly improved answer: finish a game and put it out there – rinse and repeat, […]

TIGA’s Gang Of Four (Trade Association Awards)

Denki has been a member of The Independent Game Developers Association (TIGA)  since it launched back in 2000.  In fact, we’re probably one of the few games companies left in the UK who were right there at the launch party. Even back then it was apparent to us that the UK games industry needed better […]

Quarrelling Is Taboo

There’s some news just been announced from the E3 trade show in Los Angeles that a few of you may be interested in. More soon… 🙂 —

Denki Finally Scores a Big Hit!

Okay, so we had to call the game Big Hit Baseball to do it, but we still reckon that counts! The game was actually released several weeks ago, but we held off mentioning it because we’d already started work on an updated even before it launched. And what an update – real-time, synchronous multiplayer no […]

Android, meet Denki Blocks!

Denki Blocks! continues to infiltrate the downloadable markets. This time our much-loved puzzle blocks slide towards the Android, specifically, the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play device. So worry no more, PocketGamer, your pleas have been heard! Imagine: you can enjoy Denki Blocks! on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PSP, PS3 and now Android – that’s a […]

Celebrations all around!

I hope you’ve all recovered from your St. Paddy’s celebrations, because Denki has more reasons for you to put your party hats on and rock, pop or twist and shout your way through the weekend! Cricket fans have a reason to smile today (even at strangers). This goes for not only fans of team England […]

Hello, is it you we’re looking for?

Are you a programming hotshot with skills in one or more of the following areas: iOS, XBLA, back end game servers? Can you demonstrate your awesome skills right now by bringing live examples to our attention? Are you comfortable committing to a short to medium term contract (between two and six months)? Can you start […]

A new Denkian appears!

Those who have visited the Denki Towers in the last two months have probably noticed an unusual female presence, and that is because Denki has experienced a whopping 17% percent increase in team size! So take that, recession and industry-wide despair! Meet me, Eevi (this is why writing your own introductory blog post is bit […]

Mini game, mega fun!

As you may have heard, Denki Blocks! launched on the PSP Minis store last week. While we can’t take much of the credit – that belongs to our talented chums at Tiger Games who made such an awesome job of the port – we thought we should draw your attention to the fact that you […]

Welcome Back!

And a very Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable time over the festive period and took full advantage of Denki’s first ever iOS sale. Apologies if you missed it – we had Denki Blocks! and Juggle! available at 59p/Free (respectively) over the New Year weekend to help celebrate the end of the perfect–storm […]