Denki’s First-Footing Gift

It’s Hogmanay and since we won’t be able to physically first-foot everyone at midnight, we thought we’d bring your iOS device a gift instead. For a limited time over the new year period, we’ve dropped the price of Denki Blocks! and Denki Blocks! HD to just 59p and we’ve made Juggle! available for free. All […]

Denki’s Yuletide Blog

Is it that time of the year already?  Jings – that was quick! Well, that must mean it’s time for Denki to take a well-earned break to recharge our batteries and see all the friends and family we’ve been sadly neglecting throughout the rest of the year.  Smashin’! So before we bid farewell to a, […]

Lite Cup Cricket

We were pleased to discover this morning that Big Cup Cricket is being featured on the front page of the App Store all week.  It’s never a bad start to the day when Apple decide to shine their light on one of your games! Obviously still delirious from this wonderful news, it would appear that […]

Denki brings home the (Big) Cup for Beautiful Game Studios

Here it is then, the reason we’ve been so quiet since September: Big Cup Cricket for iOS.  So, what is it, you ask?  Well, that’s simple enough – it’s the best arcade cricket game in the world, that’s what. Of course you’d expect me to say that, wouldn’t you?  It’s kind of in my interests […]

Developers Of Fortune!

In 2010 a crack development unit was forced to downsize for developing a game they couldn’t publish.  Six men promptly escaped from XBLA’s maximum-security stockade to the App Store underground.  Today, still unable to launch Quarrel on Xbox, they survive as developers of fortune. If you have a development problem; if no one else can […]

Xbox LIVE Indie Games – Juggle!

I’m happy to report that Juggle! is picking up some nice feedback after only its first few weeks on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Mike Rose over at was very kind in his review.  You can read the whole thing here, but to summarise he thought “Juggle! shows exactly what happens when a veteran developer […]

Juggle! available on Xbox LIVE Indie Games!

Our addictive, lost retro game Juggle! can now be bought on Xbox 360 Marketplace via Xbox LIVE Indie Games! See your avatar reflected in the monitor enclosed in a slick arcade cabinet surround! Not only can you play all three single player game modes from the refined iPhone version, you can also play three brand […]

Jimbot Is The Ultimate Juggle!-er

As you might have heard, we ran a competition over the last week to win $50 worth of iTunes vouchers.  The prize was to be awarded to whomever was top of the 5-Minute Game leaderboard at 10am on Tuesday 17th August. In the end almost 3,000 people posted a score, but as every Highlander fan […]

Let’s Go ProtoPlay 2010

WOOHOO! IT’S THAT SPECIAL TIME of the year again when the world descends on Edinburgh to get their jollies. Yes, it’s another Dare ProtoPlay. Last year we went and let everyone get their hands on Quarrel in an unpolished state, which turned out to be an awesome long weekend. Not only did we get to […]

The Juggle! 5-Minute Challenge is ON

We’re back from our holidays (well, most of us) and feeling pretty bad about not sending you a postcard or buying you a present. So instead of some nasty flowers, we thought we’d show you some real Denki love. BAM! Juggle! is OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day. It’s free for a limited period, so […]