Mechanised Fun

I love video games of course, but I’ve always had an interest in mechanical games when they pretend to be a video game. Arcades are an easy source of examples. Besides Pinball and Foosball there’s loads of ticket redemption ‘skill’ games available. My current favourite is Pacman Smash. It’s an air-hockey game with the equivalent […]

VR is Reality

Wishing upon a VR. It’s 2016 and Virtual Reality is finally here. It’s pretty big, colossal even, and it’s tough to avoid. Gone are the years of awkward prototypes, over hyped nonsense and that Murder She Wrote episode. Over a few blogs I’ll share my experiences (both good and bad) with the Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift […]

The Wisdom Of Gold Five

Focus is often the most under-appreciated tool we have in our creative toolbox. As an example of why focus matters so much consider this: I woke up one hour late yesterday and yet I left the house at exactly the same time I always do. Why? Because unlike most mornings, I only did the things that […]


HEY, HAVE YOU EVER felt your fingerprints? Not just touched them – I mean really FELT them. No? You should. Let’s do it now, together. First, find a quiet spot where you can concentrate. Why, you might even prefer to fire up some chilled choonage to fluff the mood (I’m wearing headphones haunted by Nils […]

Hot For Teacher

I tried to be a teacher once. I decided I’m not very good at it. But I sure had a load of fun using the programming tool Scratch. Some background: Growing up in the early 80s there were few people that could teach me programming. At school the job usually went to the maths teacher but […]

Demise of the Programmer

Secret sorcerers behind the scenes.   If you want to make a game you need a programmer. Simple really. Though only after interviewing a few of the Dare to be Digital teams this year it would appear not. Last year featured quite a few of the ‘standard set-up’; a programmer, artist, designer and audio, but […]

The Best Creative Businesses Don’t Have Offices – They Have Workshops

“Sometimes visitors misunderstand the [Pixar Offices], thinking it’s fancy for fancy’s sake. What they miss is that the unifying idea for this building isn’t luxury but community. Steve [Jobs] wanted the building to support our work by enhancing our ability to collaborate.” Ed Catmull – “Creativity, Inc“ Pixar’s Steve Jobs Building is a very tangible example […]

Elephant Juice

I DOUBT it’s something that’s ever kept you awake at night, but if you were to ask me which animal reminds me of game development – no, wait: which animal does game development remind me of – I wouldn’t have to think twice. I’d say: the elephant. Not because of any parallels to its great […]