Help Us Make Our Exciting Wii Game

Hey you! Yes, you. Do you want to help us make our awesome new Wii game? Then you should know that we’re now looking to expand the team by precisely one Programming Specialist and exactly one Visual Specialist.

For the Programming Specialist, you’ll need working demos or have worked on at least one published game. Good knowledge of C++ is a must, of course. You must enjoy learning and be passionate about making games. If you’ve worked on any console games, especially Nintendo Wii, then that would be particularly awesome. The general job description is here, with the Programming Specialist description here.

And if Visuals are more your thing, you’ll need a thorough and capable portfolio evidencing skills on both 2D and 3D illustration, design and animation. You should be competent at using 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop and Illustrator. We also need you to show ambition and an ability to drive a project forward. For bonus points, you’ll have a love of building and playing with toys and have project lead experience. The general job description is here, with the Visual Specialist description here.

And you should apply by taking the Denki or Not test by clicking here. Perhaps we’ll be working together soon…