Denki’s ‘lost’ arcade classic from 1972

JUGGLE! is a heartfelt tribute to classic arcade gaming. It’s a trip back in time to the origins of arcade games that captures the 1970s vibe but is enriched by contemporary twists like friends leaderboards and achievements.

Use your paddle to bat balls into the air. The more balls you juggle, the more points you score. Score as many points as you can in 3 or 5 minutes modes through skilful play. It’s as simple as that.


  • Simple rules and immediate action.
  • Heart-warming retro styling with a distinctly contemporary flavour.
  • Space-age audio effects take you on a trip.
  • Find your own groove by playing along to your favourite tunes.

JUGGLE! is just perfect for pulling out when you have a spare moment. Definitely worth adding to anyone’s collection.

5/5 AppSpy.com

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