Save The Day!

Denki’s twist on the classic

‘Shoot-Em-Up’ genre

“In 2012 no one believed it was possible to deliver a console-quality arcade experience in a browser using HTML5. Denki’s challenge was to prove them wrong.”

Development of game art style from sketch to completed concept

Built following Denki’s development principle of rapid playable prototyping

Original game prototype to final level concept

Rapid Iteration Is Denki’s Key To Efficient Development

“Save the Day was made in our custom editor. Gary our genius designer would layout a level in basic prototype blocks and then I’d overlay the art assets. At either stage the game is fully playable.

The awesome thing about this was the ability to plonk down an asset and then play the game straight away to see how it felt.”

James Law – Artist


Browser (PC/Mac)


November, 2012

Save the Day is a twitch arcade game developed for the Turbulenz HTML 5 platform. It’s a frantic fun game where you have to race the clock to save as many people of the 200 residents of Calamity Falls before their impending doom at the hands of a volcanic explosion.

Speed is key as you race to put out fires, save live, collect bounty and SAVE THE DAY.



An arcade save-em-up playable in the browser (HTML5).

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