Developed by Denki

from concept to launch

in just 4 weeks!

Denki Word Quest is set in the highly-literate land of Wordor, where the player takes the role of a hero out to defeat the evil that recently destroyed their village.

To do this they wield the mighty “Word Sword” with slots that accept potent letter-runes which increase the damage dealt to evil foes, such as the ferocious kittens, obstreperous spiders and other foul creatures that roam the land.

It’s a light-hearted adventure that should appeal to those who already enjoy word games, and the added role-playing elements ensure the experience always feels fresh.




  • Snack-sized quests (<5 mins).
  • Keyboard or Mouse control.
  • Play in Browser or Tablet.
  • Randomised adventures for maximum replayability.


A snack-sized word game playable in the browser (HTML5).