Mummy, what’s a Denki?

That’s easy: Denki is a Digital Toy Boutique, where we make toys to help you squeeze more fun from every day.

We all know the feeling – even at our busiest, our lives are littered with those odd moments where we’re bored or waiting around. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those times to give ourselves a lift? Stretch our minds a little? Have some fun?

That’s precisely what we do: build the best toys to brighten your day and lighten your mood. Toys to make you think; toys to make you smile. Bright toys for bright people. Toys like those in Denki Blocks! and Quarrel.

You can read more about how we actually design our toys at this excellent post at the Guardian Games Blog: Gary Penn on the rules of game design.

Contact Information

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General Enquiries:

Denki is a limited company registered in Scotland, number SC202506
Registered Office: Kinnaird House, 31 Kinnoull Street, Perth, UK, PH1 5EN
VAT Number: 743403161