What’s the best word you can make from the letters A-L-H-G-N-U-I-G?

If you said “laughing”, then you’ll be a dangerously good player of Quarrel.  If you said “hug”, well… never fear, you might still be in with a fighting chance anyway!

That’s because the essence of Quarrel is about making high-scoring words, but what’s the use of making high scoring words if they don’t help you dominate an island, eh?  Well, never fear because, as luck would have it, that’s exactly what you do in Quarrel: lead your tribe of Quarrellers to vocabularic victory!

And no need to argue about “vocabularic” not actually being a real word either, because Quarrel uses a fantastically detailed dictionary (provided by the legendary word-wizards at HarperCollins no less), to ensure only “real” words are good enough, and also to let you know exactly what those words mean.  That way you never have to come up with some suspicious explanation for the words you guessed at in a blind panic (such as our favourites “voe” or “za“).

The game’s already available for iPhone/iPad as well as Xbox LIVE Arcade and there’s plenty more information to be found on the game’s official web page and Facebook page if you’re interested.  And if you’d like to know what others think of Quarrel then be sure to check out the great reviews from trusted sources such as IGN, Touch Arcade, The GuardianPocket Gamer and, of course, Metacritic.

If you’d like to know more about the people behind the game’s BAFTA nominated (and Scottish BAFTA winning!) credentials then you’ll find information about Denki here, and our latest blog post is here.  You can also have a rake through any of our previous blog posts here too – but if you’re really that bored we’d recommend downloading Quarrel instead!

We’re all very proud of Quarrel and hope you enjoy playing it as much as we do ourselves.

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